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FMSIB Welcomes Two New Board Members

FMSIB is pleased to welcome two new appointees to the Board. In October 2018, Governor Inslee appointed Port of Tacoma Commissioner John McCarthy and City of Spokane Valley Councilmember Mr. Ben Wick to the Board. Commissioner McCarthy is filling the vacant Port position and Councilmember Wick is filling the vacant City position. The Board looks forward to meeting the two new members at the November Board meeting in Spokane!

FMSIB Board Reappointments

Governor Inslee reappointed Mr. Johan Hellman from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company as FMSIB's Railroad representative. Port of Grays Harbor Deputy Executive Director Mr. Leonard Barnes has also reappointed as a Port representative. The Board looks forward to another four years of service with Mr. Hellman and Mr. Barnes.

FMSIB Vacant Board Position

FMSIB is anticipating the County position will be filled soon.